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At SPI, we specialize in fraud investigations, providing comprehensive services to uncover hidden agendas, locate offenders, and help our clients come to terms with challenging situations.

Our team of experienced operatives is skilled in conducting thorough investigations and delivering detailed reports on various issues. Additionally, our knowledgeable legal team is well-versed in handling legal matters such as process serving, witness statements, copyright infringements, and employment absenteeism, ensuring a comprehensive approach to our clients’ needs.

As an industry leader in fraud investigation, we have built a reputation for excellence. Our specialist private investigators have honed their expertise over the years, utilizing advanced analysis techniques to uncover fraudulent activities. Through our sustained and intelligent investigation methods, we strive to identify the perpetrators involved and provide effective closure for our clients.

At SPI, we understand the impact that fraud can have on individuals and businesses. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering reliable and trustworthy results, helping our clients navigate through complex situations and find resolution. With our expertise and dedication, you can trust us to handle your fraud investigation needs with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.


At our organization, we offer a wide range of investigation services specifically tailored to address suspected cases of fraud. Here are some of the key services we provide:

Dating Fraud Investigation: Our team specializes in uncovering fraudulent activities related to online dating scams, ensuring the safety and security of individuals seeking companionship.

Online Fraud Investigations: We conduct thorough investigations into various forms of online fraud, including identity theft, financial scams, and phishing schemes.

Copyright Infringement: Our experts are skilled in identifying and gathering evidence related to copyright infringements, assisting clients in protecting their intellectual property rights.

Corporate Services: We provide comprehensive fraud investigation services for businesses, focusing on identifying internal and external fraudulent activities, embezzlement, and corporate espionage.

Seller’s Fraud: Our investigations target fraudulent sellers and unauthorized sellers on e-commerce platforms, helping clients protect their brand reputation and intellectual property.

Identity Fraud: We specialize in investigating cases of identity theft, meticulously uncovering the culprits behind these fraudulent acts and assisting victims in restoring their identity and reputation.

Fake Companies: Our team delves into the operations of suspected fake companies, identifying fraudulent activities, and providing evidence for legal action.

False Time Claims: We investigate cases involving false claims of time worked or fraudulent reporting of work hours, ensuring accuracy and integrity in employment matters.

Company Fraud: Our experts employ a proactive approach to identify and investigate various types of company fraud, including financial manipulation, asset misappropriation, and insider trading.

Economic Extortion: We assist clients in dealing with economic extortion cases, conducting investigations to gather evidence and help protect their financial interests.

Bribery: Our specialized team investigates cases involving bribery and corruption, providing clients with the necessary evidence to take appropriate legal action.

Long-Term Fraud: We conduct comprehensive investigations into long-term fraud schemes, meticulously documenting the extent of the fraudulent activities and identifying the individuals responsible.

Please note that the services listed above are intended as a guide, and we are open to discussing any other specific requirements you may have within the field of fraud investigation.

Additionally, if you need Legal & Litigation Support, we offer a range of services, including process serving, doorstep trace and contact, in-depth pre-sues investigations, status reports, and more. Our experienced team provides you with the necessary support throughout your legal proceedings.


Fraud investigation is a comprehensive procedure conducted to ascertain whether an individual or organization has fallen victim to fraudulent activities. The primary objective of such investigations is to gather substantial evidence that can ultimately lead to the identification and prosecution of the perpetrators.

If you suspect that you have been targeted by fraud, whether on a corporate or personal level, regardless of the jurisdiction involved, our team is ready to launch an investigation into the matter. We diligently examine the circumstances surrounding the fraudulent activity, aiming to shed light on the situation and uncover the individuals responsible for perpetrating the fraud.

Our dedicated team of experts employs a systematic approach, utilizing advanced investigative techniques and resources to collect relevant evidence. Through careful analysis and thorough examination, we aim to unravel the complexities of the fraudulent scheme and bring clarity to your situation.

At the heart of our fraud investigation is the pursuit of justice. We strive to support you as a victim, ensuring that those accountable for the fraudulent acts are held responsible. By collaborating with our team, you can gain a better understanding of the circumstances surrounding the fraud and potentially take legal action against the perpetrators.

Please reach out to us if you believe you have been a victim of fraud. Our experienced investigators are prepared to assist you in uncovering the truth, providing you with the clarity and awareness needed to navigate through this challenging situation.

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