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SPI is a prominent investigative agency in the UK, dedicated to managing extended employee absenteeism.

Our forte lies in conducting covert private investigations involving long-term staff members who are on extended sick leave. These employees might be facing uncertainties, resulting in limited communication, and giving rise to rumours and suspicions surrounding their situation.

Unanticipated absences wield the potential to disrupt business productivity and financial outcomes. If these occurrences become habitual, they hold the capacity to detrimentally influence employee morale and motivation.

For entrepreneurs and HR managers, it’s imperative to skilfully oversee sick leave to mitigate the repercussions of absences. Particularly for small and medium-sized businesses, staff absences and sick leaves carry significant weight, often yielding substantial impacts on business operations. Clear policy formulation, diligent absence monitoring, and comprehension of legal obligations will empower you to proactively address these concerns, potentially minimizing the frequency and duration of employee absenteeism.

Furthermore, navigating the challenge of employees facing health issues requires a delicate approach. While such situations can directly impact a company’s operational efficiency, addressing them necessitates careful handling. Temporary ailments are financially addressed through Statutory Sick Pay, and their impact on business functions should ideally be managed without severe disruption.

At SPI, our accomplished Agents are well-versed in the intricate landscape of Employment Law, ensuring a meticulous and discreet execution of their responsibilities. Our operations unfold following a comprehensive impact assessment initiated in collaboration with our esteemed clients. Once immersed in the situation, our attention is unswervingly directed towards the crux of the matter.

Our operational scope encompasses the entirety of the UK and extends internationally, with strategically positioned Agents in major urban centers and their proximate areas. Our investigative approach is marked by its multifaceted nature, characterized by meticulous attention to detail.

In our standard protocol, we establish a line of communication with a single designated point of contact within the organization. This liaison is expertly guided through the preliminary phases of the investigation, where we rigorously validate the inquiry. We kindly request your active cooperation in supplying us with comprehensive and relevant information to expedite a swift resolution. Rest assured, all assignments undertaken by us are carried out with the highest degree of discretion. Our methodologies often incorporate unobtrusive surveillance techniques, and depending on the circumstances, we might also engage in background checks or utilize a fusion of diverse skill sets.

We hold a steadfast commitment to compiling evidence in a manner that withstands scrutiny in both legal proceedings and Industrial Tribunals. Our work strictly adheres to the parameters of Data Protection Regulations, endorsed best practices, and the tenets of Employment Law. SPI stands ready to offer comprehensive assistance in evaluating the authenticity of an employee’s sick leave claim, providing the necessary insights for informed decision-making.

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